Betting Around the World – Sports Betting in Different Countries

Not every country in the world is the same, and with good reason. People make the country and every country has its laws. Some countries have stricter laws regarding things such as gambling. A part of gambling, or rather, considered a part by most people, is sports betting. Sports betting is a pastime for some people, while others take it a lot more seriously. Serious punters often turn to online sportsbooks that offer benefits such as 1xbet Promo Code India, because of their reliability and flexibility.

But sports betting is not the same in all countries of our world. It differs, based on laws and regulations. Here is what you need to know about sports betting all over the world.


Sports betting in India is a bit strange, given that it is not legal in most parts. That doesn’t stop Indian people, however, to bet. While Indian betting sites are scarce and difficult to bet on, sites which are based in locations outside of India often offer more to Indian people than their country does, in regards to sports betting. This is not uncommon, and it takes place in more countries than just India.


In China, all forms of gambling are illegal, except those which are state-run, such as lotteries. Outside of Macau and Hong Kong, all forms of gambling are illegal. In these two cities/provinces, people can do various forms of gambling in casinos. This is, of course, unless they turn to online gambling. People in China are no strangers to using VPNs and other ways of dealing with the Chinese Great Firewall. There are quite a few sites who welcome Chinese sports bettors.

The United Kingdom

This country has quite a love affair with sports betting. It was always a part of their culture and intertwined with sports. It is normal in the UK, to meet with other sports fans in a pub and have conversations while waiting for your game to end, thus deciding the fate of your bet. It is partly a social and cultural thing. Online betting is legal and very well regulated by the UK government.

The United States

The US had quite a wild ride with their PASPA act from 1992. In 2018, however, it was found to be unconstitutional, meaning that sports betting could be legal in most states, should they device to do so. Some states acted on it immediately, like New Jersey. Multiple states joined in on the fun and made things a lot better for US punters. For the states which have made sports betting legal, online and offline betting is possible. For the other states, well, their citizens have to resort to VPNs, to which most of them are no strangers.

With how sports betting is legal in most parts of the world, some countries still have lots of catching up to do. China and India, not to mention the United States, still have lots of work to do when it comes to legalizing sports betting and making it easier for their citizens to enjoy their pastime and hobby.