Betting On the Next FIFA Champion – 2022 Edition

One of the major sports events that will take place in 2022 is definitely the FIFA World Cup. 32 national teams will compete for the prestigious award of the football world champion. The World Cup will take place in Qatar in June 2022, and till then, football fans and other sports enthusiasts can have fun at Since football is the sport where the players have proved many times that anything is possible, the bookies have divided standpoints on the next World Cup champion. 

Let’s see what the general predictions are and what direction the bookies mostly follow when they are guessing the course of events. 

First criterion

The first criterion for guessing the winner is the number of each country’s World Cup appearances. This refers to the experience the national teams have gathered so far at World Cups, and to what extent they are prepared for the matches with other countries. According to the frequency of World Cup appearances, Brazil has participated 20 times in total, then come Germany and Italy with 18 appearances, Argentina has participated 16 times, and Mexico 15 times so far. Therefore, from this point of view, Brazil has the greatest chance to win the World Cup, then Germany and Italy fall into second place, Argentina would be the third country with a chance to become a champion, and Mexico the fourth. 

Second criterion

The second criterion which can be taken into consideration is the history of World Cup champions, that is to say, the previous winners. Even by this criterion, Brazil has the biggest chance of coming to first place, since it has won the World Cup 5 times so far. In the same manner, there come Italy and Germany which have won the World Cup 4 times. The third most likely national team to become a champion is Uruguay since it has won the Cup twice so far. This also applies to Argentina and France which have also raised the golden trophy two times. England and Spain have won the Cup only once, so they are also serious opponents in the race for the trophy. 

What are some general betting trends?

Additionally, there are some general betting trends that can point to the next World Cup champion. The past four cups have been won by a European nation, and, if we regard the past six cups, the five of them have also been won by Europeans. Brazil was a non-European team that broke the chain. Then, if we regard the last seven tournaments, France has won two of them, and it has become the only country in that span to repeat the success. The hosts of the tournament have won 6 cups out of 20, and that can be explained by the interests of the organizers to earn more money to attract more audience from a hosting country. That is why there is a tendency to push the hosting national team as far as possible throughout the tournament. Finally, it is most likely that the next winner will be from Europe or South America since their teams have won the last 11 World Cups.